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Catie Hargove, M.S.

Catie is an experienced professional in the areas of leadership, coaching, innovation and culture change. With a passion for helping leaders overcome organizational and employee engagement challenges, she works with executives and their teams in for-profit, nonprofit and government organizations to improve both their personal and organizational effectiveness. As a consultant and executive leadership coach, she focuses on helping leaders to develop and execute on their leadership and management strategies, focusing primarily on employee engagement and executive effectiveness and leadership presence.

Catie, in addition to her work with NCAP, is a Senior Program Manager with the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to revitalize the federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works. She leads efforts for the Partnership’s Center for Government Leadership around the design and implementation of leadership development activities, including executive coaching and action-learning programs for executives. Catie partners with senior leaders to sharpen their leadership acumen and helps them to elevate their message to resonate with a wide audience.

Previously, she directed business activities for Kinship Center’s Education Institute, where her responsibilities included program development and production and marketing of educational resources. Her experience in organizational development, leadership, training and program management extends to the for-profit sector with her prior work at Butterball, LLC and SAIC. In addition, she is a regular blogger for and cofounder of the General Leadership Foundation.

Katie is also an author, having contributing to books such as The Foster Parenting Toolbox (2011, EMK Press) and The 12 Talents: The Must Have Habits and Attitudes of Effective 21st Century Leaders (2014, 12 Talents, LLC). Individually or with NCAP’s executives, she is available to train or consult on topics related to organizational effectiveness, leadership and employee engagement – as well as to coach individual executives or work as a group or team coach.

Consulting Areas

Catie is available to train or consult on topics related to organizational effectiveness, leadership and employee engagement. She is available to coach individual executives or work as group or team coach.

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