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Introduction by Sharon Kaplan Roszia

Full Screen is recommended.

Picture in Picture is available.

The Series
In no particular order of disruption and advancement

Program Architect. County Social Work. Agency Founder.
Post-Adoption. Funding. Child Welfare outside the box.

Step-Adoption. Search & Reunion. Open Records Author. Authenticity. Healing.

Research, Clinical, Forensic Psychologist.
LGBTQ Issues. Search for Self. Children's Voice.

Amanda cover_edited.jpg

Research Psychologist.
International. Race, Culture and Identity.

Allison Cover.bmp

Executive Director, Author, Trainer, Consultant.

Therapist and Lived Voices Advocate."Can I sit at the Kid's Table?"

Adam Cover.bmp

Journalist. Author. Media Commentator. NCAP President.

Donaldson Institute, Parent, Lived Experience.

Sharon Adam Cover.bmp

Social Worker. Therapist. Conference Presenter and Trainer.
Author, Parent, Forward Thinker.


LGBTQ Parenting, School Research, Normalizing, Inclusion not Modification, Transitioning to adoptive parenting.


Adoptee, Prison Therapist. An Accidental Journey Living

the Life of Real Loss.

Psychotherapy, Nurturer, Not Condone but not Condemn, Humble and Welcoming, Achievement on one's own terms

Foster Parent, Director, Never Gave Up, Hard but Rewards,

Core Family Issues, Radical Hospitality.

Creative Contracting, Agency Director, Adoptive Parent, LBGTQ Adoption, Small Agency, Loud Voice, Big Reach.

Poet, A Life on Two Sides of the Triad, Born into Adoption, Our Reality is Essentially Different, Normalize Search.

Prenatal Life and Adoption, Baby Therapy, Hold the Mother, Be Curious Be Seen, Advice for the Front Line.

Many more interviews to come. Stay tuned....

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