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Information and Resources

Our objective is to provide you with the best possible “one-stop” portal for access to information, resources and services in the realms of adoption, foster care and child welfare; to achieve that aim, we will continually be making changes and improvements in this site. In other words, it’s a work in progress. So we invite you to click here to offer suggestions on what other topics or audiences you would like us to add – and anything else you think we should include.

Resource Topics

Access To Records
Adopted Individuals
Adoption History
Adoption Law Sites
Adoption-Related Organizations
Adoptive Parents
Advocates And Activists
Birth/First/Expectant Parents
Ethical Issues
Facts And Figures
Family Members
Foster Care
Gay And Lesbian Adoption

Intercountry Adoptions
Internet And Adoption
Journalists And Bloggers
Kin Caregiving
Legislators And Policymakers
National Resources
Open Adoption
Professionals And Practitioners
Prospective Adoptive Parents
Researchers And Scholars
Research On Adoption
Search And Reunion
Transracial Adoption

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