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Kathryn England Aytes, M.S., EdD

Kathryn is an Oklahoma native who lives on the California central coast and teaches psychology at California State University, Monterey Bay. Her love of teaching comes through in her dedication to introducing knowledge and skills to students new to psychology, and emphasizing the importance of connecting psychology to everyday life. In addition to her work with NCAP, she has been a consultant, curriculum developer and master trainer at the Kinship Center in the areas of historical trauma and cultural awareness since 2007.

Kathryn is a board member and frequent trainer for the Native American Children's Alliance (, an inter-tribal membership organization whose mission is to promote excellence in child abuse prevention and intervention in Native American and Alaska Native communities. As a Delaware/Cherokee descendant, Kathryn’s research includes an exploration of perceptions of historical trauma, resilience and cultural identity for American Indians and their descendants. As a Native educator, her goal is to honor and integrate the cultures, values and traditions of Native students with learning opportunities for full participation in the larger community.

Consulting Areas

Kathryn is available to train or consult on numerous subjects related to trauma, historical trauma, cultural identity, child abuse prevention/ intervention, advocacy and curriculum development.  

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