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Liz Heidler, PhD

Liz is a licensed clinical psychologist in the field of adoption and foster care. She was raised with two adopted siblings at a time when there were limited resources and supports available to families caring for children with attachment- and trauma-related issues. Her insight and personal perspective drive her passion for giving adopted children a voice and helping families heal.

Liz has experience in residential treatment facilities and in a receiving center serving traumatized youth in the foster care system. She also has managed a team of mental health professionals in a joint behavioral health and social services public agency clinic to provide written assessments and psychological evaluations for families entering the court dependency system. After joining Kinship Center’s permanency specialty outpatient clinics as a consulting psychologist, she provided case consultation and comprehensive psychological evaluations with children in their permanent adoptive or guardianship families.

In addition to her work with NCAP, Liz maintains a clinical private practice in a small rural town where she treats a variety of mental health disorders impacting children, adolescents and adults – and she is working in a corrections and rehabilitation setting, where she sees the impact and negative lifelong consequences of untreated attachment, trauma and loss. Liz is available to train and consult on permanency-competent psychology services, as well as interagency and interdisciplinary models for post-adoption and post-permanency care.

Consulting Areas

Liz is available to train and consult on permanency competent psychology services, interagency and interdisciplinary models for post adoption and post permanency care.

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