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Pat O’Brien, MS, LMSW, LTMN

Pat was the Founder and Executive Director for 18 years of You Gotta Believe! The Older Child Adoption & Permanency Movement, Inc., a nationally acclaimed child/youth advocacy and placement organization. Currently, in addition to working with NCAP, Pat is enjoying the job experience of his life as a recruiter for Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, the signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, with Connecticut-based Klingberg Family Centers.

Pat is also serving as President of the New York State Citizens’ Coalition for Children; President of the Family Builders Network, a network of adoption agency executives across the U.S.; Vice President of Voices for Adoption; and on the Advisory Boards of “Fostering Families Today” and the Treehouse Foundation, a community of foster and adoptive parents living together with caring neighbors. He has been honored as an Angel in Adoption by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute and has received an Adoption Excellence Award from the US Department of Health & Human Service’s Children’s Bureau. He produces and hosts The Adopting Teens and ‘Tweens Radio Forum, which airs 6:30-7 p.m. (Eastern) Sundays on 1240 AM in New York.

Consulting Areas

Pat is available as a consultant and/or trainer in the following areas: advocating for permanent parents for all teens and young adults before they age out of foster care; utilizing laughter and playfulness to alleviate the stresses, tensions and pain of everyday living, and particularly during times of stress; and learning about the power of unconditional commitment, which is the primary form of love-in-action that matters to traumatized youth placed into families from foster care.  

Keynote & Workshop Video Examples:

Keynote: Square Peg Teens in Round Hole Families and Facilities: 

Workshop Presentation - There is no Safety or Well Being without Permanency at the Exit End of the System:

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