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Current Adoptive Parents

Adoption Learning Partners Offers an array of interactive e-learning courses for current adoptive parents, adopted individuals, and other family members as well as professionals. They also offer live and recorded webinars by experts in the adoption field.

Adoptive Families: Is a national adoption magazine that provides resources on all types of adoption and can be accessed through print or online. Their site includes a directory of many types of resources, including adoption agencies, adoption attorneys and doctors, support groups, and others.

Child Welfare Information Gateway: A website sponsored by the U.S. Children’s Bureau provides many print and electronic publications and links to a range of resources on child welfare and adoption issues for both the public and professionals.

Donaldson Adoption Institute: Is an independent and objective adoption research and policy organization that addresses the needs of those touched by adoption. Its website contains research reports on a range of adoption topics.

North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC): Is committed to meeting the needs of waiting children and the families who adopt them.  Their website contains a range of resources, in particular an extensive website on adoption subsidies, including state profiles, fact sheets and a national summary of state adoption assistance programs.

National Foster Care and Adoption Directory: On the Gateway enables searching by state for specific types of agencies and programs as well as other resources such as adoptive parent support groups.

Tapestry Books: A good resource for books and DVDs about adoption, permanency, foster care.

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