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Alabama Senate Committee Advances Bill Allowing Discrimination by Child Welfare Organizations

Published March 2, 2016 on

Today, HRC Alabama denounced a 6 - 1 vote by the Alabama Senate Education and Youth Affairs Committee to advance S.B. 204. If passed, S.B.204 would authorize licensed, state-funded childcare service providers -- such as adoption and foster care agencies -- to discriminate in the provision of care to LGBT children and against qualified LGBT prospective adoptive or foster parents, without the government being able to respond as it otherwise would to such inappropriate, unprofessional, and discriminatory behavior. Under S.B. 204, religion could be used as an excuse to disregard the best interest of children and turn away qualified, loving families headed by LGBT couples, interfaith couples, single parents, married couples in which one prospective parent has previously been divorced, or other parents to whom the agency has a religious objection.

To read full announcement, click here.

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