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BOSTON, Oct. 29, 2014 – On the eve of National Adoption Month, the National Center on Adoption and Permanency today announced the launch of its new website, designed as a one-stop destination for information, resources and services in the realms of adoption, foster care and child welfare. The unfortunately long URL for our site is; please cut/paste it into your phone book, bookmark it and/or use this hyperlink shortcut:

“Our website, like NCAP itself, is intended to serve the full range of professionals, families and individuals who have an interest – in their personal or work lives – in the areas in which we specialize,” said NCAP’s leaders, President Adam Pertman and Managing Director Carol Biddle. “It’s an admittedly ambitious goal, and we know this first iteration of the site is a work in progress, so we invite any and all input on additional topics or links that our audiences want us to include.”

NCAP’s site does not seek to recreate any wheels; that is, we know there are lots of good places on the internet that deal with adoption and child welfare, but we also know it’s sometimes tricky to know where to go for what. So we are providing a “one-stop portal” designed to steer you, our users, to the information, research, data, resources and services you want or need. That can be done in one of two ways (or both): by clicking on a specific topic from the provided list – which will grow over time – or by clicking on a category; these currently are Family Members (anyone in an expectant family, pre-adoptive family, family of origin or adoptive family), Journalists & Bloggers, Professionals & Practitioners, Legislators & Policymakers, Researchers & Scholars, and Advocates & Activists.

NCAP’s principal offering is its extraordinary people, a team of 20 of the most accomplished and experienced trainers, presenters, practitioners, clinicians, researchers and educators in our country in their respective fields. The team is headed by two highly respected thought and practice leaders: Adam, formerly President of the Donaldson Adoption Institute, and Carol, founder and former CEO of Kinship Center. NCAP is the child welfare division of Myriad Strategic Partners, a consultancy that provides a broad range of organizational, strategic and communications services.

Our personnel can be retained individually or in specialized teams with one or more NCAP colleagues. To read their bios and learn more about the services we offer, please go to our new website. To retain one or more of our team members, to ask questions and get additional information, or to set up an interview (for journalists, bloggers, newsletter writers, etc.), please contact Adam at 617-903-0554 or Finally, read more about NCAP in this announcement.

The information and resources provided by the National Center on Adoption and Permanency are intended to address the needs of agencies, foundations, journalists, nonprofits, governments at all levels and advocates/activists whose passion – like ours – is to help children and families, whether those needs are a conference presentation, a keynote address, a professional training, information for a news story, or expert consulting to strengthen organizational or clinical performance. Our diverse services include, but are not limited to:

  • Program and project development, consultation and/or evaluation

  • Board development, consultation and/or executive transition planning

  • Staff development and training to improve clinical and practice competence

  • Parent/caregiver training to strengthen families with children with histories of trauma

  • Writing, editing, media consulting, print and online/social media and related activities

  • Consultation related to development and fundraising, as well as community relations

  • Conference/event consulting, including the provision of keynote speakers and other presenters

  • Executive training/coaching, as well as policy development/analysis and practice protocols

A Q&A with Adam about NCAP, from the current issue of Adoptive Families magazine, is attached to the email with this announcement. NCAP is also the subject of this recent internet radio interview.

There’s also a related story in the Chronicle of Social Change. To read a sampling of Adam’s commentaries on adoption, child welfare and family issues, go to this page on Huffington Post.

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