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NCAP Announces New Logo, Website and Strategic Partner!

Updated: May 3, 2021

Updated Site Features Greater Focus on Research, Including DAI Reports

BOSTON, May 2021 – The National Center on Adoption and Permanency today unveiled its new website, which highlights the role of research to drive progress for children and families. At the same time, we’re delighted to announce that NCAP has formed a strategic partnership with Connect Our Kids, which provides technology to accelerate family-finding for children and youth in foster care.

These changes (and others) are part of our strategy for advancing NCAP’s mission: to move child welfare – including adoption – from its longtime emphasis on “child placement” to a new paradigm in which “family success” becomes the explicit goal of policy and practice.

Here are just a few examples of what we’re up to:

  • Working with Connect Our Kids. Children grow up and thrive (i.e., succeed) best when they’re in families. NCAP is offering training, counseling and other supports to organizations that use the free, innovative People Search tool that Connect Our Kids has devised to find and engage extended relatives who can transform the lives of children and youth who need families. All of NCAP’s strategic partners are described on this page of our new website.

  • Providing Donaldson Adoption Institute materials. For over a decade at DAI, about a dozen of NCAP’s current team members – including President Adam Pertman – researched and disseminated highly regarded reports that helped to improve laws, policies, practices and public understanding. Because DAI folded in 2018, we’re providing all that work (for free) on our new site to inform best practices and as part of our expanding focus on research.

  • Conducting national advocacy with key organizations such as Foster Strong, Adoptees for Justice, the Coalition Against Religious Discrimination, and groups working to restore the right of adult adoptees to access their original birth certificates. NCAP is also on the executive/steering committees for efforts including (but not limited to) Family Equality’s Every Child Deserves a Family Campaign, and the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group.

To learn more about our work, our people or how NCAP can assist your organization, contact Adam at or Executive Director Allison Maxon at And, of course, please visit and let us know what you think.

Download this release

NCAP Website Release Final
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